Welcome to the eArmy Family Messaging System
The purpose of the eArmy Family Messaging System is to provide commanders the ability to broadcast messages via text, email, and / or voice to Soldiers and Family members in a timely manner. It is a commander's tool to help fulfill the Family readiness mission.

If You Are Unable to Login, Your Account May Have Been Suspended:

To All eArmy Family Messaging System Administrators
The U.S. Army has switched primary contractors for the eArmy Family Messaging System. TechRadium will no longer provide IRIS for the eArmy Family Messaging System through that primary contractor. However, TechRadium is able to provide this service directly to you through CenturyLink's GSA Schedule 70 Contract.

When you elect to continue using TechRadium's IRIS through CenturyLink, you will NOT be required to upload any of your data to a new system nor participate in any new trainings, and you will continue to receive the same great services from CenturyLink and TechRadium.

If you are not one of the many Army Commands that has already contracted with CenturyLink, then please keep reading!

The Process To Reactivate Your Account Is Simple

Contact your Account Representative:

Tim Grant, CenturyLink
Phone: 425-868-7947
Email: Timothy.Grant@CenturyLink.com

Your account will be reactivated within 24 hours of contacting this representative.

CenturyLink, the nation's 3rd largest telecommunications provider in the United States, has partnered with TechRadium to offer each of you the ability to keep your existing system fully operational through CenturyLink's GSA Schedule 70 contract. Many Army commands have already elected to contract directly with CenturyLink through GSA Schedule 70, thereby allowing them to use the system they have come to rely on and become familiar with in the past.

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